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We are Innovative IS20 Investment

Innovative Sport Investment is an investment structure that analyzes, invests and manages unlisted companies linked to disruptive technologies to help them in their birth, growth or expansion.

The company is postulated as a new investment paradigm for athletes and investors interested in the technology that can transform the world. We offer sophisticated solutions with independence and transparency in order to create high returns for all shareholders in the medium or long term.

Innovative Sport Investment wants to be a visible player in this changing world, where great opportunities are emerging linked to this technological revolution that impacts socially, economically in our society.

We mainly invest in the initial phases (seed and grow stage), aligning our interests with the managers of each company, working together with them, helping them to generate value, but always investing in companies in which their management team has shareholding, loves his idea and has high ethic standards.

Our philosophy with the companies in which we invest is based on the concept of partnership, our success is linked theirs.

Our team

Javier Morales


Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, University of Deusto Business School and Global MBA IEB.

Ander Iñarrairaegui


Multispectral experienced profesional. M&A Operations advisory cosultant.

Javier Colás


Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, University of Navarra.